Tobi Doeringer

Tobi Doeringer Charter President & International Service Chairman District Membership Development Committee Member 2013-14

Tobi established and managed companies in the IT, consulting, trading, manufacturing, entertainment and leisure field, which are consolidated under his holding company Vabella Limited. In addition Tobi is a Director at Mascotte Industrial Associates (HK) Limited, a bag manufacturing company founded by a family member. Having grown up with over 60 different nationalities in the Frankfurt International School Tobi enjoys to identify and clarify the cultural intricacies in his international business endeavors. Tobi continued his studies at the Lancaster University Management School in the UK and the WHU in Germany running his own retail marketing and real estate management businesses before focusing on Asia and moving to Hong Kong in the mid 1990s.

Why I joined Rotary:
‘I joined Rotary because Rotarians in Lancaster invited overseas students every year for a Christmas Dinner, and I learned just how good and international the organization is. When someone asked me to join in Hong Kong, I basically just needed to know where the dotted line was and joined the RC HK South, which is still very close to my heart.
18 months before our inauguration DGE David Harilela asked me to grow the family of Rotary with as many new members as possible during his DG year. To support David I decided the best way to bring in more members was to form a new club, 25 all new members. I managed to get together an amazing group of friends for our FAB (fun, active & benevolent) Rotary Club of Shouson Hill, chartered on April 18, 2012.’

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