Graham Moore

Graham Moore Honorary Secretary & Administration Chair

Graham has been working as a finance director in Hong Kong for over ten years, specialising in Hong Kong and UK tax advice. Originally from the UK but with an Australian passport, he has been in Hong Kong since 2000, when he came to join his wife. Graham has been a Rotarian since 2006, serving as director of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong for over 5 years. He also serves on the board of a Hong Kong charity, and assists in the accounts of several other Hong Kong charities.

Why did Graham join the Rotary?
I joined Rotary as it offers a unique opportunity to get directly involved in charitable projects, not just by donating funds but by leading projects that can lead to a tangible benefit to the community, such as with autistic children at Heep Hong Society, refugees with Christian Action, and school children and poverty work with Oxfam in China.

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