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Deborah has been living in Hong Kong since 1998 with breaks in between. She is born in London but of Jewish, Italian and Tripolitan heritage.
Deborah has been working as a lighting specialist and designer for nearly 10 years and owns Luminostri. She started in the field in 1998 with international lighting companies and also her family’s lighting company Forma Lighting. Deborah has her family in Hong Kong and is the mother to Emilia and is currently a Board member and PTA Chair of Carmel School Association.

Why did she join Rotary?”

I have always been involved in charitable causes. Charity starts at home and continues with friends and with life. From giving a person in need a chance, a job, fund for treatments or education the gift of giving is invaluable and limitless- it is a privilege to give back to society. Rotary takes this ethos to a higher dimension by connecting like minded people from all aspects of life, social classes, cultures and allows them the honour of working together on the same objectives, sharing knowledge, experiences and having a blooming good time doing it!”.

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