Christiaan Stavorinus

Christiaan Stavorinus Membership Chairman

Christiaan got drawn into IT over a decade ago and started to work for big US firms. For the last 6 years it was CISCO, where every day was about driving innovation and getting connected. After multiple years and successes in the Netherland, the jouney led to Hong Kong. In the professional way, Christiaan is working with PGi, helping Globals to become more successful in APAC, through the use of IT. Christiaan grew up in the northern part of the Netherlands, Leeuwarden to be preicse. As a family of four, it was a good environment to spend his early years. However, it did not take long to get the feeling he wanted to see more of the world. Christiaan originally stayed close to home and studied commerce in Groningen. From there he moved to Leiden, then came Amsterdam and now it’s Hong Kong.

Why I joined Rotary:
‘I joined Rotary because I am excited to be involved in the local community and use my time and resources to help others.’

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